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Professional HVAC Services in Troy, Ohio

At JH Heating & Air, we strive to provide professional HVAC services in Troy, Ohio for all our customers. We understand that you need your HVAC system to be running optimally in order to keep your home comfortable. We are dedicated to making sure that your system is running at its best. With our Comfort Care Club, you can be on top of any issues your system may have by twice yearly HVAC maintenance. Any air filters will be replaced giving you clean air and it is a good way to keep your heating and air conditioning at optimal levels.

Heat Pump Repair & Replacement

We also offer professional heat pump repair and replacement services in the Troy, Ohio area. If your heat pump is not running at peak performance, our professionals can help diagnose the issue and replace any faulty parts or components. We are dedicated to providing quality service and ensuring that your heat pump is running at its best. If you’ve made the decision to replace your heat pump, then our technicians can help choose the best energy efficient heat pump for your home or business.


Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Protect your air conditioner throughout the summer months with regular maintenance from JH Heating & Air. Our maintenance services can help identify potential issues before they become costly repairs. We provide comprehensive maintenance services through our Comfort Care Club to help keep your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today to ensure an optimally running air conditioner.

Quality Service & Professional Care

So, if you are in need of any HVAC service in Troy, Ohio our team of professionals are only a phone call away. We offer quality heating services on furnaces and heat pumps as well as cooling services for your air conditioner or ductless mini split. Contact us for a free estimate.

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